On January 22nd, Edna Seidel, Jeremias Mühle, Andreas Hilbig and Larissa Rosenhainer (Klasse 5b) together had the opportunity to go to the Fremdsprachenfest in Lugau. It began firstly with a small presentation from different schools. After watching well-rehearsed skits and songs, our students were nervous for their performance that they had practiced before in class. However, with confidence, they walked up to the front and killed it with their rendition of “Fred the Moose”, an American camp song. After all of the performances, the kids were separated into small groups and taken to classes to learn about new languages and cultures from student teachers at the University of Chemnitz, including Chinese, Venezuelan, Czech, and French. This was a great program for the kids and I hope that Gymnasium Lichtenstein continues to participate.

Ian Freshwater, language assistant