FS Englisch


On January 22nd, Edna Seidel, Jeremias Mühle, Andreas Hilbig and Larissa Rosenhainer (Klasse 5b) together had the opportunity to go to the Fremdsprachenfest in Lugau. It began firstly with a small presentation from different schools. After watching well-rehearsed skits and songs, our students were nervous for their performance that they had practiced before in class. However, with confidence, they walked up to the front and killed it with their rendition of “Fred the Moose”, an American camp song. After all of the performances, the kids were separated into small groups and taken to classes to learn about new languages and cultures from student teachers at the University of Chemnitz, including Chinese, Venezuelan, Czech, and French. This was a great program for the kids and I hope that Gymnasium Lichtenstein continues to participate. (mehr …)

Fahrt nach England

Vom 28.5.-11.6.2016 hielten sich 36 Schüler der Klassenstufe 7 und drei Lehrer im englischen Ort Culford zur Sprachreise auf.
Diese Reise war Premiere für unsere Schüler, da wir bisher 21 Jahre lang in den Süden Englands nach Eastbourne gefahren waren. Nun hieß es Neues auszuprobieren und zu bewerten.
Voller Erwartung und Ungeduld erreichten wir unser Ziel nach 19 stündiger Busfahrt mit Fährüberfahrt über den englischen Kanal und wurden herzlichst von John Endean, dem Direktor der Sprachschule, begrüßt.
Wir machten uns vor Ort mit den Gepflogenheiten bekannt, lernten Regeln, bezogen unsere Mehrbettzimmer und bekamen unseren Stundenplan. 14 Tage gefüllt mit täglichem Englischunterricht bei Muttersprachlern, sportlichen Aktivitäten und Ausflügen nach Norwich, Cambridge und Bury St. Edmunds.
Der Höhepunkt des Aufenthaltes war der Ganztagsausflug nach London, wo wir alle Sehenswürdigkeiten, die wir schon aus unserem Englischunterricht kannten, live erlebten. Wow, nun standen wir vor dem Buckingham Palace mit gehisster Royal Flag, was heißt, die Queen war im Haus. (mehr …)

Bericht London

On the track of James Bond
According to our Pennefasching theme “A(bi)gent007: The school is not enough” 57 pupils of the 12th grade decided to visit the home country of the world’s most famous secret agent, James Bond. We wanted to receive the permission of working as secret agents, too. His more or less famous brother Rainer Bond, who saved our school from villain Mr. Pinkwart, was supposed to be our role model.
It was a tradition to go to London and so it went without saying that our teachers started planning it and included sight seeing tours to the most important sights like the Cathedral of Canterbury, the observatory in Greenwich, the Parliament, Shakespeare’s Globe and many other interesting buildings or places.
So we had a watertight alibi and our teachers Mrs Richter, Mrs Hengst and Mr Dinor would never find out the real reason for the trip: becoming a group of secret agents – like Rainer Bond.
And we worked quite hard as well for it. Some pupils contacted secret agents (who want to stay anonymously) to enrol our plan to take part in a so-called “Bond’s successor” course. These agents would give us several tasks. If we succeeded, we would become secret agents, too. But they told us that it would not be easy to fulfil all the tasks perfectly.
Anyway, we decided to do our best and everyone was very exited when all participants met at school on Saturday 10th February 2007. Suitcases were packed, money was exchanged and the teachers believed in our story.
20:30: Shortly before entering the bus all of the pupils had a small meeting. We were informed about the first task of our “Bond’s successor” course: (mehr …)