Bericht London

On the track of James Bond
According to our Pennefasching theme „A(bi)gent007: The school is not enough“ 57 pupils of the 12th grade decided to visit the home country of the world’s most famous secret agent, James Bond. We wanted to receive the permission of working as secret agents, too. His more or less famous brother Rainer Bond, who saved our school from villain Mr. Pinkwart, was supposed to be our role model.
It was a tradition to go to London and so it went without saying that our teachers started planning it and included sight seeing tours to the most important sights like the Cathedral of Canterbury, the observatory in Greenwich, the Parliament, Shakespeare’s Globe and many other interesting buildings or places.
So we had a watertight alibi and our teachers Mrs Richter, Mrs Hengst and Mr Dinor would never find out the real reason for the trip: becoming a group of secret agents – like Rainer Bond.
And we worked quite hard as well for it. Some pupils contacted secret agents (who want to stay anonymously) to enrol our plan to take part in a so-called „Bond’s successor“ course. These agents would give us several tasks. If we succeeded, we would become secret agents, too. But they told us that it would not be easy to fulfil all the tasks perfectly.
Anyway, we decided to do our best and everyone was very exited when all participants met at school on Saturday 10th February 2007. Suitcases were packed, money was exchanged and the teachers believed in our story.
20:30: Shortly before entering the bus all of the pupils had a small meeting. We were informed about the first task of our „Bond’s successor“ course:

Mission I: Compete peacefully with your participants for the best places on the bus!
Everything was okay, everyone had a seat, but not everyone was satisfied with it… anyway… our biggest problem was that we detected our first enemies: Petra and Frank – the bus drivers. They tried to weaken some of our agents in don’t letting them go to the toilet in the bus or just stopping every two hours (!) for smoking. What an agony! It was hell!!!
But we all survived it and the first efforts of the enemies to stop us had failed.

Mission II: Survival-training on the ferry (struggle against seasickness)
We must confess: not every pupil looked that good… a little bit pale and green on the face… and after such a long journey it is natural – but we all (less or more) survived this second mission, too. The male pupils tried to save their life with lots of cheap English beer. It worked! But the girls could only hope for a soon ending of the horrible ferry-trip.

Mission III: moving into our headquarters including fitness training
First stop: Canterbury and Greenwich. The first thing we discovered in Canterbury was McD* – the valuable source for energy and power – which accompanied us the whole trip.
After visiting Canterbury and its church and the world-famous Prime Meridian at Greenwich we finally were allowed to move into Shakespeare Hotel – our headquarters.
And it looked very good… from the outside at least… and before going to the rooms there was a fitness test: Carrying our heavy bags up to the 3rd or 4th floor in the narrow corridors.
But we got used to the situation and had conferences every day till late in the night and while this time we had the one or other vodka Martini – shaken not stirred of course.

Mission IV: defeat the evil bus drivers
When the sight seeing tour, which was planned by our teachers, ended all of us got to know the viciousness of our bus drivers again. Petra and Frank passed all the interesting shops and forced us to leave the bus in the middle of nowhere. We had no travels cards for the underground or timetables for the public bus routes. The bus drivers roared with laughter while they were leaving the place at the Embankment where all the participants had been left behind. They wanted us to be lost in the big city with no possibility of being saved. At first it seemed as if they were right. The group of all the secret agents that offered security and support was divided into several smaller groups because everyone was very nervous about this new situation. But the evil plan didn´t work out. The teachers did their best to explain how to get back to the Shakespeare Hotel and mentioned many interesting things that could be seen on this way. The different groups of secret agents discovered several new faces of London. Some of us went to Camden Town to be inspired by the creative atmosphere that was omnipresent. Others visited Covent Garden and experienced the art of street musicians and acrobats.
Anyway … everyone reached the hotel in Paddington sooner or later. Everyone was in good health and nobody was lost and so the evil bus drivers had to acknowledge our victory.

Mission V: struggle against enemies
One day we took the risks and went to the stronghold of our enemies – SOHO. The camouflage of some of our agents – sitting in a McD* restaurant to watch the enemies – blew up and so they were attacked by them with chairs, trays and food. But our agents were successful in running away so everything was okay at the end.

Mission VI: search for help at „We will rock you“
The hero „Galileo“ and his girlfriend „Scaramouche“ with their friends, the „Bohemians“, gave us valuable hints with their struggle against the „Killer Queen“ and her accomplices, the Ga Ga Cops, in the safe and happy Ga Ga world. Everything is fine, computers rule the world, music is downloaded and there are no real bands, just casted girl and boy bands. The „Bohemians“ believe in a time when kids formed their own bands and wrote their own songs, they call it the Rhapsody. So „Galileo“ asks himself: Where is the place of living rock? We ask ourselves: Where can we make our future after school? The answer: Anywhere the wind blows!

All of us fulfilled the tasks successfully, we made new experiences and we were given the identity cards of the secret agent company on the last day in London. Now one can call us „secret agents“ and we have reached the same status like our big role model Rainer Bond.
Hopefully this title will help us to pass our Abitur and to manage our future life after school.

Your secret agents Anne and Ines